Cold Cereal

I love Adam Rex. I love him and his amazing, crazy books. And Cold Cereal is no exception.

About the book: Erno and Emily, 2 supergenius children, meet a boy named Scott who is actually named Scottish Play Doe. Yikes! They live in a town where the evil cereal company GoodCo is mainly centered. Scott moves here and goes on a field trip to the GoodCo factory. It turns out that GoodCo is actually sucking magic out of so-called fantasy creatures and implanting it into their cereal, which contains many, many chemicals already. Then, it turns out that E & E’s father (E & E are twins) is kidnapped by GoodCo. So their babysitter that might be Bigfoot takes them to his house in a tree, Scott turns out to have fairy sight and finds a little man (clurichan). Then Emily discovers she has superpowers and turns people from a secret club into flowers. It is an insane book, and I love it.

What I like: magical fairy creatures! Gotta love those, right? How the queen that is actually not the real queen but instead a monster thing gets punched in the face due to a horsefly and flashes of reality.

What I don’t like: the characters of Mick, Harvey, and Biggs are not very well defined. Especially Harvey.


All the Wrong Questions: Who Could That Be at This Hour?

All you Lemony Snicket fans, great news! The latest book receives a good report from me. It’s all about Lemony getting trained as a V.F.D. Member. There three tons of wrong questions this book will answer such as: What is a Bombinating Beast?  Why is that boy throwing rocks at Lemony? Who is that behind you? Anyone wanting to know Lemony’s backstory, and anyone who doesn’t, needs to read this. Watch out for the second book!


Lemony Snicket, not yet a V.F.D. member, sneaks away from his current chaperones to join his mentor, who, incidentally  is ranked last on the list of mentors. He and his mentor are assigned a job, to find and return the statue of the Bombinating Beast. The lady who wants Lemony and S. Theodora Markson tells them that the Mallahans, an old family enemy stole it. But when Lemony talks to the Mallahans, it turns out the statue is rightfully theirs. The Mallahans don’t care about the statue, so they let Lemony steal it in the dead of night (Stupid S. Theodora Markson). Then the police arrive. (There are only 2 in town, are married, and have a son that they think is perfect but actually chucks rocks at people in his spare time.) Lemony drops of the wire he and S. Theodora Markson are using to get into the Mallahan household, and and lands in a tree. Then he meets Ellington Feint, who’s father has been kidnapped by a mysterious man named Hangfire. Lemony promises to help her. All right, I won’t reveal any more. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens.

I like: S. Theodora Markson, Moxie, and the clever way Lemony communicates with his sister.

I don’t like: the confusing character of Ellington Feint.

City of Bones

First book in the Mortal Instrument series.Really great, you will totally love this! A girl named Clary Fray discovers she has magical powers! She can see demons. Her mother hid this from her. She meets a group of kids like her called Shadowhunters. This book is super hard to describe because it has so many twists and turns. A must-read. My friend hooked me on these, and you will be hooked too.



The Power of Habit


Another great book is The Power of Habit. It is all about what we do in life and how to change it. Basing his book on the habit loop: Cue, Routine, Reward, author Charles Duhigg has created a masterpiece! If you have a habit that you don’t like, or you are just curious, this is a great book for you! And Mr. Duhigg has backed his theory with real evidence. Do you use Febreze? At first it was a flop, but one little thing changed everything! It is super interesting, and a great read. I totally recommend it.

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Pick 3: Maximum Ride: the Angel Experiment. First book in the series. I also recommend the rest of the books in the series. In the first book, you meet the “flock”, a group of genetically engineered humans with wings. Max: the leader. Real name is Maximum Ride. Fang: silent jock that dresses emo. Nudge: fashion obsessed kid. Gazzy: kid with farting problems. Makes bombs with Iggy.  Name short for Gasman. Don’t let him near beans. Iggy: blind kid that makes bombs. Angel: reads minds. In this book, Angel is kidnapped by erasers, wolf-human hybrids, and taken to the School, where the flock was build and escaped from. The rest of the flock has to rescue her. I love James Patterson’s books!


Next Pick: Two hilarious books transcribed by Scott Seegert and illustrated by John Martin. One word.  Vordak. The perfect combination of arrogant, stupid, and ridiculous. Gotta love it. Book 1 is all about learning how to rule the world. Warning: if you have low self-esteem, be prepared. Vordak will insult you a lot. You will grow to love it. It is super funny. Take page 77. Vordak composed a lovely acrostic poem describing superheroes. He calls them stupid, ugly, and some other not-so nice things. Kids will love it. For instance, my sister is in love with Vordak. She is sitting next to me now, and screaming “Go Vordak!” Ow, my ear! The second book is all about how Vordak turns into a child when his age ray works too well. Then, the balsoid coil breaks. Now Vordak can’t turn back into a adult. The only balsoid coil in 1,000 miles is at the nearby middle school. The book is all about what Vordak does at the middle school. Jams a fish over a kid’s head. Fills the class president’s locker with rabid weasels. Saws a Commander Virtue action figure in half. Baaad Vordak. But, they both are good books. I totally recommend them


Cover of "Mossflower (Prequel to Redwall)...

Cover of Mossflower (Prequel to Redwall)

My first pick is the book Mossflower, Brian Jacques. This is just one of the books in a really great series called Redwall. I strongly recommend you read it, even if you are a grownup. Martin the mouse warrior takes on an evil wildcat queen by the name of Tsarmina. Aided by a group of ordinary woodlanders, a badger from the ancient line of Salamandastron, and another wildcat named Gingevere, Martin battles the evil Tsarmina and her horde. Who will win? You will have read the book to find out!

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