Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Pick 3: Maximum Ride: the Angel Experiment. First book in the series. I also recommend the rest of the books in the series. In the first book, you meet the “flock”, a group of genetically engineered humans with wings. Max: the leader. Real name is Maximum Ride. Fang: silent jock that dresses emo. Nudge: fashion obsessed kid. Gazzy: kid with farting problems. Makes bombs with Iggy. ¬†Name short for Gasman. Don’t let him near beans. Iggy: blind kid that makes bombs. Angel: reads minds. In this book, Angel is kidnapped by erasers, wolf-human hybrids, and taken to the School, where the flock was build and escaped from. The rest of the flock has to rescue her. I love James Patterson’s books!


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