Cold Cereal

I love Adam Rex. I love him and his amazing, crazy books. And Cold Cereal is no exception.

About the book: Erno and Emily, 2 supergenius children, meet a boy named Scott who is actually named Scottish Play Doe. Yikes! They live in a town where the evil cereal company GoodCo is mainly centered. Scott moves here and goes on a field trip to the GoodCo factory. It turns out that GoodCo is actually sucking magic out of so-called fantasy creatures and implanting it into their cereal, which contains many, many chemicals already. Then, it turns out that E & E’s father (E & E are twins) is kidnapped by GoodCo. So their babysitter that might be Bigfoot takes them to his house in a tree, Scott turns out to have fairy sight and finds a little man (clurichan). Then Emily discovers she has superpowers and turns people from a secret club into flowers. It is an insane book, and I love it.

What I like: magical fairy creatures! Gotta love those, right? How the queen that is actually not the real queen but instead a monster thing gets punched in the face due to a horsefly and flashes of reality.

What I don’t like: the characters of Mick, Harvey, and Biggs are not very well defined. Especially Harvey.


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