The School for Good and Evil

First of all, I would like to apologize to my poor readers for neglecting this blog. Please forgive me. Second of all, I would like to tell you about this fabulous new book I read, The School for Good and Evil. It’s about two girls who live in a town called Gavaldon, which is cut off from the rest of the world by dark, endless woods. Every four years, two children, one beautiful and kind, one strange and creepy, are taken away by something mysterious, and are never seen again. Until Book Day. Every day, once a year, the town bookmaker finds a box of stories on his doorstep. He closes down the store, copies them all down and puts the storybooks out for sale. The faces of the missing are inside the books! The missing children are the heroes and villains of the fairytales! Foolishly, the adults don’t believe this. They spout theories. Burrowing bears. Phantom bears. Bears in disguise. Anyhoo, Sophie, one of the main characters is beautiful, loves beauty treatment, is sort of sweet and kind, and everyone in town thinks she’s a shoo-in for Good. The other main character, Agatha, loves black, lives in a graveyard, and enjoys dead things. School of Evil for her. NOT!!!!!! Agatha gets dumped in the School of Good where she is forced to wear pink, take etiquette and animal communications classes, and put up with Beatrix, the most beautiful, arrogant, prince-obssesed girl ever. Meanwhile, beautiful Sophie is forced to wear black, and take Henchmen Training and Death Curses classes. Also? She’s GOOD at it. Yikes! They want to get back to their “real” school. But, where do they really belong?

What I like: Everything

What I don’t like: Nothing! This book is amazing!


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