Puns, Palindromes, and Back to School Shopping


This is my new shirt. I love it. I guess I’ve always been a fan of puns and palindromes, and when I saw this shirt, I knew I had to get it. I often think about inserting puns into my everyday speech (punny, isn’t it?) but I really never think about palindromes. I mean, I know the basic ones. Mom. Dad. Wow. Racecar. But TACOCAT? That came out of nowhere.

When you think about it, palindromes sneak into everyday life. When you talk to your friend Hannah. When you take your kayak out. When you check the stats.They really are everywhere! Puns are out there too, but not as much. You really have to think to use a pun. I used to love to use puns for valentine’s day cards.

The 2 longest palindrome in the world are: solutomaattimittaamotulos and saippuakivikauppias. Both words are swedish. Solutomaattimittaamotulos means “the result from a measurement laboratory for tomatoes”, and saippuakivikauppias means soapstone seller.

Check out this palindrome website for more palindromes!



Does My Head Look Big In This?

I love this book! Amal, a Australian-Palestinian Muslim girl living in Melbourne decides to wear a hijab, which is a Muslim head scarf, full-time. This is a big commitment for her, especially since she goes to a private school which is home to the central headquarters for the fashion police. But she knows that her faith will guide her. Of course, there’s a ton of school trouble. The principal doesn’t like the hijab, and neither do the fashion police. One girl goes out of her way to find embarrassing and mean things about Muslims, and come up to Amal the next day and ask her what she thinks about it. So rude! Then, of course, Amal also has to worry about whether or not her crush, Adam, likes the hijab. She also has to deal with her aunt and uncle, who are trying to be as Australian as possible. Fake accents, hair dye, and crocodile decorations everywhere! They want Amal to take it off. Pressure surrounding her from all sides, Amal wonders if she should take off the hijab. But I’m not going to tell you if she does. Only the book will tell you!

What I liked: the aunt and uncle. They were so ridiculous!

What I didn’t like: Tia. She’s a jerk.                                                  

A Confession That Might Shock You

I have a confession to make. Please don’t hate me for it. I LOATHE the Percy Jackson books. I hate Perfect Jackson, I mean, Percy Jackson. For one thing, Percy Jackson is PERFECT! Have you ever seen a time when he didn’t save the day? I don’t know about you, but I like my characters flawed. It makes them seem more human! Also, Percy Jackson is too beautiful. Like I said, he has no flaws! And worst of all, no one agrees! All my friends keep telling me “But they’re so fabulous! And you just won’t be SATISFIED until you read the next book!” Or series. Or ad campaign. It makes me sick. I think I’m fine without reading any more than I already have.


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