Puns, Palindromes, and Back to School Shopping


This is my new shirt. I love it. I guess I’ve always been a fan of puns and palindromes, and when I saw this shirt, I knew I had to get it. I often think about inserting puns into my everyday speech (punny, isn’t it?) but I really never think about palindromes. I mean, I know the basic ones. Mom. Dad. Wow. Racecar. But TACOCAT? That came out of nowhere.

When you think about it, palindromes sneak into everyday life. When you talk to your friend Hannah. When you take your kayak out. When you check the stats.They really are everywhere! Puns are out there too, but not as much. You really have to think to use a pun. I used to love to use puns for valentine’s day cards.

The 2 longest palindrome in the world are: solutomaattimittaamotulos and saippuakivikauppias. Both words are swedish. Solutomaattimittaamotulos means “the result from a measurement laboratory for tomatoes”, and saippuakivikauppias means soapstone seller.

Check out this palindrome website for more palindromes!



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