The Boy On Cinnamon Street


I honestly don’t know why I picked up this book. I mean, I’m not really a romantic person. Well, I guess you could say I am. I wouldn’t know. I also really don’t read love stories. They just aren’t my thing. But, they might be now. This book really captured my heart. And I’m not joking.

Louise lives with her grandparents. Her father and her mother are divorced, and is dead. She used to be the star of the gymnastics team. But a jealous teammate, whom Louise calls Merit Madison,  kept putting discouraging and painful notes in Louise’s bags and locker. This and her mothers death caused Louise to quit. Louise is short (like me), but unlike me, she hates it.

Louise has a secret admirer. He leaves notes outside her door and draws chalk hearts outside her apartment. Louise and her best friend Reni think its the pizza delivery boy, Benny McCartney. Henderson, Reni’s brother doesn’t know who it is. Anasis, Reni’s sister thinks it is anyone but Benny McCarteny. All this leads to a complicated love story, with shoving notes in lockers, science fiction books, and a new store in town where you can customize your own shirts.

I loved the ending. I read it over and over. I don’t know why. I guess it’s just a great book.


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