The Puppeteer’s Apprentice


Poor Mouse. She’s an orphan with no place to call home, except a corner of the kitchen. She is a scullery maids, the lowest of the low. She scrubs pots and pans, peels vegetables, and helps Cook, possibly one of the cruelest people to ever walk the earth. He beats her with a metal hook for every tiny mistake. One day she just can’t take it anymore, and runs away. She meets up with a group of traveling players, who leave her only a few days after she meets them. Mouse is alone. She doesn’t even have a proper name! And the thing that changes her life forever is a puppet show.

Mouse didn’t even mean to see the show, she just got pushed inside the theatre by the crowd. But the moment she sees the puppets, she knows she must make them work. She feels a deep need to pull the puppets’s strings, to make them dance across the stage. And after a long argument, she finally secures an apprenticeship with the puppeteer. But the puppeteer is hiding a secret, and inquisitive Mouse needs to find out what it is. You can find the secret too. Just pick up the book!


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