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It’s Wednesday, folks. And that means that I’m going to tell you about the Molly Moon series. Molly Moon is an ordinary girl, but she has power deep inside her that she needs to discover. She travels all over the world, solving crimes, rescuing people, fixing the past, and saving the future. It is really hard from me to describe these books without ruining one of them for you, seeing as they are all so intertwined. But I’ll do my best.

In book one, Molly lives an a horrible orphanage, full of awful people. The head orphanage lady (What is the word for that?) is stingy and she really hates Molly. Actually, most of the people in Molly’s known world hate Molly. But that’s all going to change soon. Very soon.

This series is amazing. It involves* diamonds, presidents, magic coins, old ladies, snipped-up suits, 3-year olds, movie stars, jellyfish machines, ladybugs, and an evil young queen.

The series consists of six books, each revealing a new talent that Molly acquirers. In the first book, Molly discovers she has Hypnotic Powers. (doesn’t that just beg to look important?) In book two, Molly discovers she can stop the world. Book three is time travel. Book four is mind reading. Book five is morphing. Book six is amazing musical talents.

These books are definitely worth a look, so go down to your library check them out! Also, remember to comment and tell me YOUR favorite books for Reader’s Pick Thursday!


New Book Tuesday

Just out and in Barnes and Noble stocks-

Allegiant- The third book in the Divergent series is OUT!

House of Hades- for all you poor misguided Percy Jackson lovers

Hard Luck- Latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book

The Royal Ranger- Gooooooooo Ranger’s Apprentice!

When Did You See Her Last- Remember Who Could It Be At This Hour? This is book number 2!

Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans- Cool new series! Check it out!

Be sure to come back tomorrow to here about the Molly Moon series!

The Series About Series! No, Seriously


I love books, as you know. But what I really hate is when a good book ends. That’s why I love series. They allow you to continue your favorite book. You’ll notice I’ve blogged about a few series before, but this time I’m really getting serious. (Get that joke there?) We are going to examine the most successful series, and try to find why they were so popular. We’re going to review several series. We are taking books to a NEW LEVEL! And it all starts now.

Schedule that I will try very hard to follow:

Monday: Discussion of a popular series- the how, what, and why

Tuesday: Series Watch- new series that just came out

Wednesday: Talk about about a LibraryLassie starred series

Thursday: Review of Timeless Classics- books that people will always read

Friday: Reader’s Picks- you tell ME about your favorite series!

Saturday: Books that will be made into movies

Sunday: Prep Time

The Frog Princess

I’m a big fan of series books. And this book, and it’s series, is pretty much one of the best series ever, except maybe Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and The Ranger’s Apprentice series. How to even begin describing it?

I’ll start here. Imagine you are a princess. (If you are male, a prince) You are not all that attractive, your mother is a snob obsessed with fashion and protections reputations, and you aren’t allowed to use magic, even though you know how to. It’s a sad life, and the only time you ever feel happy is when you are in the swamp. One day, a talking frog asks you to kiss him. You’re nice, so you kiss the frog to turn him back into a prince. That’s when your problems start.

You were wearing your anti-magic bracelet. When you are wearing the bracelet, if someone tries to put a spell on you, the spell will bounce back to the person who cast it. So, now you’re a frog.

This is exactly what happened to Princess Emma. And now she  has to find a way to turn herself and Prince Edaric back into humans. But nothing works out the she plans…

Little fun fact: The movie The Princess Frog was based on this book!

Remember, this is a series!

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