The Series About Series! No, Seriously


I love books, as you know. But what I really hate is when a good book ends. That’s why I love series. They allow you to continue your favorite book. You’ll notice I’ve blogged about a few series before, but this time I’m really getting serious. (Get that joke there?) We are going to examine the most successful series, and try to find why they were so popular. We’re going to review several series. We are taking books to a NEW LEVEL! And it all starts now.

Schedule that I will try very hard to follow:

Monday: Discussion of a popular series- the how, what, and why

Tuesday: Series Watch- new series that just came out

Wednesday: Talk about about a LibraryLassie starred series

Thursday: Review of Timeless Classics- books that people will always read

Friday: Reader’s Picks- you tell ME about your favorite series!

Saturday: Books that will be made into movies

Sunday: Prep Time


I bet you have something you want to say... Go ahead!

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