LibraryLassie Pick Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, folks. And that means that I’m going to tell you about the Molly Moon series. Molly Moon is an ordinary girl, but she has power deep inside her that she needs to discover. She travels all over the world, solving crimes, rescuing people, fixing the past, and saving the future. It is really hard from me to describe these books without ruining one of them for you, seeing as they are all so intertwined. But I’ll do my best.

In book one, Molly lives an a horrible orphanage, full of awful people. The head orphanage lady (What is the word for that?) is stingy and she really hates Molly. Actually, most of the people in Molly’s known world hate Molly. But that’s all going to change soon. Very soon.

This series is amazing. It involves* diamonds, presidents, magic coins, old ladies, snipped-up suits, 3-year olds, movie stars, jellyfish machines, ladybugs, and an evil young queen.

The series consists of six books, each revealing a new talent that Molly acquirers. In the first book, Molly discovers she has Hypnotic Powers.¬†(doesn’t that just beg to look important?) In book two, Molly discovers she can stop the world. Book three is time travel. Book four is mind reading. Book five is morphing. Book six is amazing musical talents.

These books are definitely worth a look, so go down to your library check them out! Also, remember to comment and tell me YOUR favorite books for Reader’s Pick Thursday!


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