The Spirit of The Library Blog Writes

My beloved bloggers,

It is rare for me to come out. But, yes, know that I am here! I am the guardian of this blog, and many others like it. I am a fairy godmother. I am a Prince Charming. I am a queen. And I am a Town Crier.

I cry out to you, my people. For I must tell you something. This blog has A Disease.  And it is a Terrible Disease. This Disease is Neglection. If not treated, the blog still waste away and die. So please comment, like, and tell your friends! Save a blog today! Oh, and soon there will be a poetry section.

Lots o love,

The Fairy Blogmothe


You Were Supposed To Tell Me!

Sorry about not posting yesterday. But, you know, it was Halloween. Sadly, I cannot really post anything today, because YOU, my friend, didn’t tell you one of your favorite books. I’m really quite disappointed. I was counting on you. I really can’t do this blog without you, my reader. You keep me going. And I need you to help me keep this blog going. The time for laziness is past. Onward, brave knight! Charge into uncharted territory! I have faith in you.

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