I Am Malala (Just Kidding) I’m Still LibraryLassie

I hope you all know the story of Malala Yousafzai. If you don’t, well, I must say I’m a bit surprised, but it’s fine, I’ll recap. Malala lived in Swat Valley, Pakistan. The Taliban took over her valley. Most people loved the Taliban, and gave them money and gold, and also did whatever they wanted. Malala knew something wasn’t right, as did her father. The BBC set up a blog with Malala, and under a pseudonym, she wrote about what was happening in Swat Valley. Eventually the Taliban found out about it, and her name, and they shot her, as well as 2 other girls. The book covers this in greater detail.

Malala was born in a school. Her father built it, and it took many years for it to turn a profit. She always valued her learning and her freedom. Most women had to wear heavy clothing, stay indoor, and follow other seemingly strict rules. She competed with “rival” Malka-e-Noor.  tried her best, always studied, and reached for the skies.

But one day, a mullah who called himself a mufti arrived in her town. He tried to control everything and make everything according to his translation of Islam. And it all just went downhill from there. Malala is such an inspiration to us all. She didn’t back down in the face of danger. She fought for her rights. And she wants everyone to have rights. She set up the Malala Fund, which you should definitely check out. And remember, you’re lucky to have such a great education. Value it!


When The End Of The End Is Here…

Today, there are over 9 billion people in the world. (I think) But after the creation of the Partials and the release of RM, nothing was the same. Now there are only 50,000 people left. And they are slowly dying. No one can reproduce. Well, they can, but babies die immediately after being born, due to their non-immunity to the virus RM. In fact, most people died after the release of RM because of non- immunity. So, how can people find the cure to RM? Easy. Just get a ton of subjects to collect data on. What subjects?

Babies. Hence the creation of the Hope Law. Once a girl reaches the age of 18, she must become pregnant. Every year. And there is talk of lowering the age to 16. Kira, a medic at the hospital in the refuge, where the last humans live, is 16. She doesn’t want this to happen. She thinks she can find the cure to RM. And to do that, she would need a Partial. Guess what? Partials are the enemy of humanity.

Partials were created to win a war, but after the war, they were rendered useless. The creators tried to integrate Partials into society, but humans refused to accept them. Eventually, Partials rebelled agiants society, RM was released, and  humans were sent back 200 years. No one has gone near the Partials in over a decade. Now Kira has to go deep into Partial territory to save her sister’s unborn child.

This Week, We Will…

This week, we will talk about these books, so you might want check them out now.

1. The H. I. V. E. series.

2. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making

3. Partials

Be sure to check these fabulous books out!

Thought You Knew Fairy Tales? Think Again

You probably have known me long enough to know a few things about me: I’m a sucker for fairy tale stories, and I really don’t read graphic novels. But get this: I’m ACTUALLY REVIEWING A GRAPHIC NOVEL! I bet you are thinking “Wow,    This must be a really great graphic novel. Guess what? You’re right! Get ready, because here comes Rapunzel’s Revenge.

Rapunzel was “adopted” by Mother Gothel, but she is always having these strange dreams about these people, always the same. Why do they always make her feel so sad? And then there’s the wall…

What’s Behind The Wall?

There is something behind that wall. Rapunzel doesn’t know what it is, but she wants to find out. So she hatches a daring plan to get over the wall. And she doesn’t like what she sees.

Outside the wall

It gets pretty crazy, and Rapuzel is locked up in a tower. On her birthday. For at least four years.

Then things get REALLY crazy. You will definitely want to buy a copy of this book.

25 Great Christmas Reads

Santa checks his books. All good girls and boys love books!

I love Christmas books, and these are the 25 season must reads.

25.  Dream Snow- An Eric Carle book on comfort and being in the snow.

24. Auntie Claus 1 & 2- There is something strange about how Auntie Claus disappears from Halloween to Valentines Day every year, and Sophie wants to find out what’s going on.

23. If You Take A Mouse To The Movies- Mouse is back, and he wants to know all about Christmas. Super cute!

22. Christmas with Anne and Other Holiday Stories- An amazing, heartwarming collection of stories by L. M. Montgomery about Anne and others.

21. The Nutcracker- Yet another classic holiday tale for all ages to enjoy.

If Santa had a blog, it would be just like LibraryLassie!

20. Petunia’s Christmas- Petunia is a goose with several other published books. In this one, she meets her true love, but has to earn money to buy his freedom because her love is a Christmas Goose.

19. Christmas In The Big Woods- A tale of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her Christmas adventures in the big woods.

18. Stranger In The Woods- A story of a snowman, animals, and nature.

17. The Night Before Christmas Jan Brett Version- The classic story with Jan Brett’s iconic illustrations.

16. Olive, The Other Reindeer- When Olive mishears a song on the radio, she heads down to the North Pole to help out Santa, and ends up saving Christmas.

Santa loves reading, too!

15. The Polar Express- an amazing book about always believing in what you know is true.

14. Trouble with Trolls– 2 Trolls who want everything for themselves learn the true meaning of Christmas.

13. A Christmas Carol- Scrooge. Little Timmy. Bob. Whole Shebang. Everyone knows and loves this story.

12.The Little Drummer Mouse- A small mouse shows the world his worth when he plays the drums for Baby Jesus.

11. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!- A hilarious story about those crazy Herdmans and who Jesus really was.

Stay off the naughty list… Read LibraryLassie

10. Pashima-  Simon is walking home when he sees a lamb caught in a bush. But instead of having her for Christmas dinner, he spares her life. this tale is a beautiful story of love and giving back.

9. The Snowman- A wordless book/movie that is definitely worth checking out!

8. The Shoemaker & The Elves- A story about kindness during Christmas

7. Red Ranger Came Calling- A sort of sad story about Santa. Keep tissues beside you when you read this book.

6. How The Grinch Stole Christmas- Another classic about the true meaning of Christmas. Check out the movie, too!

5. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer- You all know this. But read it again.

4. Paddinton Bear and the Christmas Surprise- Paddington loves marmalade, and he goes to see Santa at Barkridges Store to ask him for some. But things get… complicated.

3. Babuska- Babushka is cleaning her house when 3 kings ask for shelter. they tell her about the Christ child, and after she cleans some toys for the baby, and looks all over the for the baby.

2.  The Gift of The Magi- A classic story of giving up unneeded things for people you love.

1. The Little Match Girl- An original story by Hans Christian Andersen about light in times of darkness. saddest book ever. but so sweet at the same time.

Thanks for reading! Merry Christmas, everyone!

The Name Of This Post Is Secret

Pseudonymous Bosch is a strange man. No one knows who he is. But he writes really good books. With really strange titles.

The Name Of This Book Is Secret

Meet 2 characters. They are fundamentally important to this 5 book series.

Cass- Pointy ears, Doesn’t know who her father is, obsessed with preparing for natural disasters, illness, and other potentially destructive things.

Max- Ernest- has 2 everything. 2 names. 2 parents. One awkwardly split house.

Max- Ernest is at school. He wants to be a comedic magician, and so he is testing out all his lame jokes on his classmates. He tests one out on Cass, and their strange friendship begins. There is a Secret. That’s Secret capeatelized. And most of all, there is a strange organization called The Midnight Sun. And they are hiding something. Yes oh yes, they certainly are. We all have to watch out. They want to know the Secret. And they all wear white gloves. Be careful when reading these books. You might be kidnapped. And always have lots of chocolate at hand. Chocolate is important. The darker the better. Try some. And don’t even think about reading this book. Even Pseudonymous Bosch warns readers off. Trust me. You’ll be safer this way.

Please take my book survey:

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The Secret Series In One Drawing

Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library


Some people are addicted to smoking. Some are addicted to drugs. I’m seriously addicted to this book. Serisously. It is sooo overdue. I am a BAD LIBRARYLASSIE! (I’m trying to think of what to write, I’m listening to Christmas music, and right now I can’t concentrate. They are playing I Want A Hippopautamus For Christmas, and no one could concentrate with that playing.) But anyway. This book is scary awesome.

Kyle Keeley loves games. Board games, online games, all games. And why shouldn’t he? His brother Mike is super athletic. And his brother Curtis is super smart. Games are the only way Kyle has a chance of winning. Games are where Kyle is equal.

Most games are created by a man called Luigi L. Lemoncello. Barely anyone knows anything about him. He’s a bazillionare. He’s kind of kooky. But he’s the greatest thing to happen to games since… Ever! He is the worlds best game creator.

And Kyle is playing a games when he gets grounded for a week. No Games. Bad. Kyle would go to the library, but his town has no library. (Gosh, poor Kyle) In fact the library was demolished the year Kyle was born. Remember Mr. Lemoncello? He’s building another one. And he is having an essay contest. The 12 people with the essays he thinks are the best will go to the library for a special overnight lock in. But it turns out to be much more than that. It’s a one of a kind game, and the prize for winning is huge. Who will stay? Who will leave? Who will WIN? You’ll have to read the book.

Who knows? You might even learn something!

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Are you one of the NERDS? Then Why Are You Here? You Already Know This Stuff

Disclaimer: LibraryLassie is not responsible for any humiliation or injury that occurs while reading these books. Refrain from reading these books if you do not want to: Wrestle a Bear, wipe your earwax on a book, attack a rabid bearer, ect, ect. LibraryLassie has nothing to do with your choices. Thank You.

Nerds. They are everywhere. You love to give them wedgies and purple murples. But the reason you are not slaving away in an underground fortress is the nerds. Nerds are saving the world every day. Well, a certain group of nerds. And you don’t even know who they are. As Heathcliff says, “The world may give us wedgies and purple murples, but when it comes to saving thee world, people turn to the nerds.”

Yes, they are out there. And you can read all about their crazy adventures. The names aren’t real, of course. You aren’t even supposed to know they exist. Soon, you won’t even remember…

Hungry For A Good Book? Try The Traveling Restaurant

The soul is starved for good books, and this book surely satisfies.


1 Confused Boy

1 Magical Sister

1 Neglecting Uncle

2 People Labeled Gypsies

2 Lost Parents

1 Stubborn Orphan

and 1 Evil Soon-To-Be-Monarch (Hopefully Not)

Are the main ingredients.

Jasper and his family are in trouble. Run far far away trouble. The providential Monarch wants to kill them so she can remain in power. And there is a mixup, and a bunch of guards, and a Very Special Ship that might even be (dare I say it) m-g-c. Hopefully it will all be ok, as most books usually end up being, but who knows. Please take a sample or taste of this book, and remember, you heard about this book from Your Local Sponsor,


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