Hungry For A Good Book? Try The Traveling Restaurant

The soul is starved for good books, and this book surely satisfies.


1 Confused Boy

1 Magical Sister

1 Neglecting Uncle

2 People Labeled Gypsies

2 Lost Parents

1 Stubborn Orphan

and 1 Evil Soon-To-Be-Monarch (Hopefully Not)

Are the main ingredients.

Jasper and his family are in trouble. Run far far away trouble. The providential Monarch wants to kill them so she can remain in power. And there is a mixup, and a bunch of guards, and a Very Special Ship that might even be (dare I say it) m-g-c. Hopefully it will all be ok, as most books usually end up being, but who knows. Please take a sample or taste of this book, and remember, you heard about this book from Your Local Sponsor,



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