25 Great Christmas Reads

Santa checks his books. All good girls and boys love books!

I love Christmas books, and these are the 25 season must reads.

25.  Dream Snow- An Eric Carle book on comfort and being in the snow.

24. Auntie Claus 1 & 2- There is something strange about how Auntie Claus disappears from Halloween to Valentines Day every year, and Sophie wants to find out what’s going on.

23. If You Take A Mouse To The Movies- Mouse is back, and he wants to know all about Christmas. Super cute!

22. Christmas with Anne and Other Holiday Stories- An amazing, heartwarming collection of stories by L. M. Montgomery about Anne and others.

21. The Nutcracker- Yet another classic holiday tale for all ages to enjoy.

If Santa had a blog, it would be just like LibraryLassie!

20. Petunia’s Christmas- Petunia is a goose with several other published books. In this one, she meets her true love, but has to earn money to buy his freedom because her love is a Christmas Goose.

19. Christmas In The Big Woods- A tale of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her Christmas adventures in the big woods.

18. Stranger In The Woods- A story of a snowman, animals, and nature.

17. The Night Before Christmas Jan Brett Version- The classic story with Jan Brett’s iconic illustrations.

16. Olive, The Other Reindeer- When Olive mishears a song on the radio, she heads down to the North Pole to help out Santa, and ends up saving Christmas.

Santa loves reading, too!

15. The Polar Express- an amazing book about always believing in what you know is true.

14. Trouble with Trolls– 2 Trolls who want everything for themselves learn the true meaning of Christmas.

13. A Christmas Carol- Scrooge. Little Timmy. Bob. Whole Shebang. Everyone knows and loves this story.

12.The Little Drummer Mouse- A small mouse shows the world his worth when he plays the drums for Baby Jesus.

11. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!- A hilarious story about those crazy Herdmans and who Jesus really was.

Stay off the naughty list… Read LibraryLassie

10. Pashima-  Simon is walking home when he sees a lamb caught in a bush. But instead of having her for Christmas dinner, he spares her life. this tale is a beautiful story of love and giving back.

9. The Snowman- A wordless book/movie that is definitely worth checking out!

8. The Shoemaker & The Elves- A story about kindness during Christmas

7. Red Ranger Came Calling- A sort of sad story about Santa. Keep tissues beside you when you read this book.

6. How The Grinch Stole Christmas- Another classic about the true meaning of Christmas. Check out the movie, too!

5. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer- You all know this. But read it again.

4. Paddinton Bear and the Christmas Surprise- Paddington loves marmalade, and he goes to see Santa at Barkridges Store to ask him for some. But things get… complicated.

3. Babuska- Babushka is cleaning her house when 3 kings ask for shelter. they tell her about the Christ child, and after she cleans some toys for the baby, and looks all over the for the baby.

2.  The Gift of The Magi- A classic story of giving up unneeded things for people you love.

1. The Little Match Girl- An original story by Hans Christian Andersen about light in times of darkness. saddest book ever. but so sweet at the same time.

Thanks for reading! Merry Christmas, everyone!


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