Thought You Knew Fairy Tales? Think Again

You probably have known me long enough to know a few things about me: I’m a sucker for fairy tale stories, and I really don’t read graphic novels. But get this: I’m ACTUALLY REVIEWING A GRAPHIC NOVEL! I bet you are thinking “Wow,    This must be a really great graphic novel. Guess what? You’re right! Get ready, because here comes Rapunzel’s Revenge.

Rapunzel was “adopted” by Mother Gothel, but she is always having these strange dreams about these people, always the same. Why do they always make her feel so sad? And then there’s the wall…

What’s Behind The Wall?

There is something behind that wall. Rapunzel doesn’t know what it is, but she wants to find out. So she hatches a daring plan to get over the wall. And she doesn’t like what she sees.

Outside the wall

It gets pretty crazy, and Rapuzel is locked up in a tower. On her birthday. For at least four years.

Then things get REALLY crazy. You will definitely want to buy a copy of this book.


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