When The End Of The End Is Here…

Today, there are over 9 billion people in the world. (I think) But after the creation of the Partials and the release of RM, nothing was the same. Now there are only 50,000 people left. And they are slowly dying. No one can reproduce. Well, they can, but babies die immediately after being born, due to their non-immunity to the virus RM. In fact, most people died after the release of RM because of non- immunity. So, how can people find the cure to RM? Easy. Just get a ton of subjects to collect data on. What subjects?

Babies. Hence the creation of the Hope Law. Once a girl reaches the age of 18, she must become pregnant. Every year. And there is talk of lowering the age to 16. Kira, a medic at the hospital in the refuge, where the last humans live, is 16. She doesn’t want this to happen. She thinks she can find the cure to RM. And to do that, she would need a Partial. Guess what? Partials are the enemy of humanity.

Partials were created to win a war, but after the war, they were rendered useless. The creators tried to integrate Partials into society, but humans refused to accept them. Eventually, Partials rebelled agiants society, RM was released, and  humans were sent back 200 years. No one has gone near the Partials in over a decade. Now Kira has to go deep into Partial territory to save her sister’s unborn child.


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