I Am Malala (Just Kidding) I’m Still LibraryLassie

I hope you all know the story of Malala Yousafzai. If you don’t, well, I must say I’m a bit surprised, but it’s fine, I’ll recap. Malala lived in Swat Valley, Pakistan. The Taliban took over her valley. Most people loved the Taliban, and gave them money and gold, and also did whatever they wanted. Malala knew something wasn’t right, as did her father. The BBC set up a blog with Malala, and under a pseudonym, she wrote about what was happening in Swat Valley. Eventually the Taliban found out about it, and her name, and they shot her, as well as 2 other girls. The book covers this in greater detail.

Malala was born in a school. Her father built it, and it took many years for it to turn a profit. She always valued her learning and her freedom. Most women had to wear heavy clothing, stay indoor, and follow other seemingly strict rules. She competed with “rival” Malka-e-Noor.  tried her best, always studied, and reached for the skies.

But one day, a mullah who called himself a mufti arrived in her town. He tried to control everything and make everything according to his translation of Islam. And it all just went downhill from there. Malala is such an inspiration to us all. She didn’t back down in the face of danger. She fought for her rights. And she wants everyone to have rights. She set up the Malala Fund, which you should definitely check out. And remember, you’re lucky to have such a great education. Value it!


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