My New Year’s Resolution

This time of year, everyone begins to make promises they almost never keep. We call them resolutions. Here are the 3 definitions of the word resolved, as provided by Merriam-Webster.

To find an answer or solution to (something)
To make a definite and serious decision to do something
To make a formal decision about something usually by a vote
We do this every year. We try to solve our problems by resolving to stop, or to intervene. Ex: I resolve to stop smoking. We make a definite and serious decision to start or stop something. We make formal decisions. But, we can’t seem to do these things we promise we will do. Maybe it’s us. Maybe it’s not.
But what I think is that we simply do things that take too long, and admit it, most of us expect our New Years Resolution to be simple and over quickly. But it’s HARD. No one’s perfect, least of all me. I mean, I’m the person who wanted to do a midnight post to you guys! How crazy is that! As you can obviously see, that didn’t happen. Well, at least I’m posting today! Yikes! I can’t even type correctly. Wow. I’m a failure. Aren’t we all? But sadly, I did make some resolutions. Read more. Post more. Try and be a little more patient. Smile.
And guess what? I’m sure we’ll all pull through with our resolutions. I sure hope I do. Happy New Years, guys. I love you.

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