The Seven Books Of LibraryLassie

At first, I was a little bit apprehensive about reading this book. It looked like all those orphan/magical powers/finding your true self kind of crap I’m always getting sucked into, which I hate myself for. (No offence, Harry Potter) You wouldn’t believe how many of those there are. Trust me! I googled it. And it is seriously crazy how many books there are about orphans with magical powers/involving a magical object. It actually scares me

I , for reasons unknown to mankind, picked up this book for no apparent reason, and began to read it. And soon I began to enjoy the book. The Seven Tales Of Trinket is presented in such an interesting way. There are 7 tales, and each tale has an accompanying song. I know this might be a strange way to write book, but when you think about it, it makes complete sense.

Trinket’s father was a bard. You know, song and stories guy. But one day he went out on a journey, and he never came back. Eventually, Trinket’s mother dies as well, and she sets out on a journey to find her father. She is accompanied by her friend, Thomas the Pig Boy.

This book is a great book kids mostly will enjoy, and really is worth checking out. I loved it, and I bet you will too.


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