I am a bad LibraryLassie. I read the comic book version first. Well, actually, that’s how I discovered this series. I tend to “borrow” books from people. That is, to say, I snatch them out of my friends hands and beg to read them. It usually works. One of my friends was reading the graphic novel version from the other main character’s point of view, which kind of totally ruined the plot line for me, but it also made it to easier to understand.

Let me clear up some things that kind of confused me, and that you should really know in order to understand this book, and the other books of this series.

Tally= Insecure one. She thinks she is really awful looking, typical ugly. She narrates the story, the books are focused on her. She is very ordinary.

Shay= Toughened-up, sarcastic, prank-puller, rule-breaker. She defies society and doesn’t really want to be pretty. She leaves for the Smoke, and leaves behind a cryptic note for Tally.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m really into dystopian fiction, and this is DF at it’s best. Betrayal, secrets, lies, love, it couldn’t get any better. Except it does! This is a trilogy, so there are 2 other books. And an aftermath book which focuses on a new character. Actually, Extras is kind of related to The Circle, so if you liked that, you’ll probably like this series, especially Extras.


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