Close To Famous

I know I’m not very famous, and I probably never will be. In fact, this blog is most likely the closest I will ever get to fame. But the main character in this book is definitely someone who I would hope would be famous.

Foster McFee, baker extraordinary, and her mother are in deep trouble. Foster’s mother, Rayka, had been dating a suddenly turned abusive Elvis Impersonator, Huck. Foster and her mom have to leave real fast. Like Fosdavid said, it was like a game show. How much can you pack before the evil Elvis Impersonator comes back?

From the start, it’s obvious someone from up there is watching out for them. When they are driving at the edge of a cliff in thick fog, but they somehow manage to decide to stop driving just before they would have gone over. When they arrive in a small town in West Virginia, a kindly middle aged woman allows them to live in their trailer.

There’s only one problem with the town: built right outside it is a prison. The prison promised the town new jobs and more buisiness for locals shops. Turns out, they lied. So a lot of people are angry.

Foster ends up making cupcakes for a restaurant called Angry Wane’s, and soon people recognize her talent. But she’s not the only talent in town.

Another thing on the outskirts of town is a movie star, Ms. Charleena, who was sick of the cameras, and still sad about her husband leaving her for a supermodel. Macon, documentary- maker wannabe and new best friend of Foster’s, works for Ms. Charleena, and he gets Foster a job with her.

There’s one other thing I forgot to mention: Foster can’t read. Kind of a problem when you want to become a famous cook like her idol, Sonny Kroll. But Foster is determined to find a way.


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  1. Allie
    Nov 06, 2014 @ 22:56:30

    This is probably one of the best books I have ever read. I even did it for a class literature review. I played Foster. This book is awesome!


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