An Interview With Psudonymous Bosch

The famed and un-named author Psudonymous Bosch.

Remember when, a while ago, I told you folks about the Secret Series, by Psudonymous Bosch? If not, you might want to go check that post, or those books out, because I got an interview with him. Unfortunately, he didn’t answer all of my questions. Mostly, I received answers to my “borderline insane” questions. Never the less, I am here to grant you the great privilege of reading a Psudonymous Bosch interview.

LibraryLassie: Do you think you will continue writing? If so, what do you think you will produce? If not, what do you think you will be doing?

Psudonymous Bosch: There are other books coming! Another series, in fact. There will be more posted on the website- as soon as we know the information.

LL: What first inspired your love of chocolate? Also, don’t you find it rather frightening that chocolate is a food, which you put into your body by eating, and it can easily be tampered with, say, by adding poison or a sleeping potion, so that the Midnight Sun could kill or capture you easily?

PB: We’ll be extra careful about eating tainted chocolate. Thanks for the heads up.

LL: What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

PB: Advice for aspiring authors- LIE CHEAT AND STEAL!** And there are more tips in WRITE THIS BOOK. Procrastinating is a good one.

LL: Can I join the Terces Society?

PB: As for joining the Terces Society, I believe that subject is broached in WRITE THIS BOOK.

LL: What is your real name?

PB: Mr. Bosch IS his real name! I mean, it’s the name I know him by- and it’s what his mail says. And what is “real” anyway…

*All answers are provided by Mr. Bosch, and thoughtfully transcribed by his rabbit, Quiche.

** To fully understand this, check out the website-

For some other answers, check out these posts on other blogs-


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