Since You Asked

This book, and this is for real,  this book is completely and totally hilarious. I love it. It’s full of sadistic humor (at the expense of others), an insulting newspaper column, and much much more. The main character makes fun of everyone from the popular kids to the lame idiots on the student council, and everywhere in between.

She is forced to deal with her strict Korean mom, who has very specific ideas about how her children should act. Also, there’s the whole Asian-child-genius thing, which Holly Kim and her entire family (which meets once a week for dinner) have to deal with. So basically it’s work, get good grades, have no social life= DOCTOR! YAY! MOM HAPPY!

How does she even survive? With friends like David, Carrie, and Liz. David is like skater dude, Carrie is reluctant hippie, and her parents are extreme hippies. Liz is on the outside a popular kid, but she hates those sadistic freaks. Together they are the only normal people in the school. And they stay under the radar, just the way they like it.

Until the day Holly replaces a Seniors column with her own, a column which mocks everyone and everything in the school. Suddenly, over half the school hates her. A bunch of people love her, though. I mean, who doesn’t want to see people they hate get made fun of?

So Holly gets herself set up with a column for the rest of the year. And fights with the student council. And her mother. And the rest of the world. There is a whole lotta humor in this book, and it is a definite good read. Also, this is more a teen book, elementary kids do not read This.


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