Ah, books. More like stupidity! Without math, books wouldn’t exist! We all hate them, don’t we? I am Professor Pi, and I have come to warn you bout the poison of literature!  Mwahahahahahahahahaha!

Yes, all my loyal fans agree. Oh, and yesterday I got the shipment of rabid piranhas. Because, anyone who doesn’t agree with me gets to meet them! Also, they are very hungry! Won’t that be wonderful? Food for my piranhas AND revenge for people I don’t like!

But, anyways, in the words of Pdeudonymous Bosch, well, he informed me about it, so more like in the words of a man named Santa, “You are getting coal in your stocking for the 613 time, Antionettte!” Well, maybe the spirt of Archimedes will curse Library Lassie next Pi Day!

Anyways, leave this horrible place that shall be cursed by Pythagoras AND Archimedes on super Pi Day! Go to the worlds most awsomest website ever created!


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