The Popularity Papers

I think what really hooked me on this book was the pictures. Those wonderful, eye catching, hilarious, printed in color pictures. They really make this series special. Did I mention the pictures are COLOR PICTURES???? I’ve never seen anything like it before. You can’t help but love these books.

Lydia and Julie are two girls on a crusade for “coolness”. Their hilarious escapades make for a great story, and their friends are funny.

In book 1, Lydia and Julia are two 5th graders who have one year to understand what middle school is like. They want to know how to be popular. They are also trying to avoid becoming like Lydia’s sister Melody, who (in one year) went from normal (but slightly girly-girl) to punk emo.

They want to avoid doing that. They actually want to have friends.

In book 2, Lydia’s mom gets a temporary job in England, so her family has to move there for six months. Both Lydia and Julie will have to suffer sixth grade alone. This is pretty bad for Julie, who ends up falling in with the wrong crowd. Let me rephrase that. Julie ends up hanging out with a bunch of 8th graders who call themselves the Bichons. And THEY SHOPLIFT THEIR CLOTHES!!!!!! It is bad. As in, not good. Really bad. Almost as bad as Bad Cat.

This is Bad Cat. He is bad. That is why he is called Bad Cat. See?

I have not read books 3 or 4 or 6. And I don’t really recommend reading them out of order. But I do recommend reading them. They are AWESOME!


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  1. Claire
    Oct 03, 2014 @ 22:08:59

    I’m in fourth grade. I love these books.


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