Poison: Enjoy Slowly

I almost didn’t pick up this book. The title and pictures sort of warded me off. But boy, I am glad I did. What a great read! Although this book can be rather confusing, what with the constant switching back and forth at the beginning of the book, you will be glued to your seat. No one will be able to budge you from THE ACTION! THE SUSPENSE! As well as those “Wait. What just happened? She was wood?” (Yes, that happens)

Kyra is a potion master with a problem: she just tried to kill her best friend, the princess of Mohr. Before you go jumping to conclusions, (like the rest of the kingdom), she has a reason. The princess wasn’t acting at all like herself. She refused to see Kyra, (her bosom buddy), and enjoyed things such as embroidery and makeup, (She’s a tomboy). Kyra knows there can only be one logical reason: her best friend is possessed!

Everyone knows the only way to save a possessed person is to kill them! So Kyra concocts a potion to kill her best friend. But, for the first time in her life, Kyra’s dart misses. Now the whole kingdom is after Kyra (she’s even a Halloween costume), and she has to find her best friend and kill her, in order to save the kingdom. But is all what it seems?


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