The Looking Glass Wars: Alice’s True Story?

I don’ t quite remember how I found this book. But I am sure glad I did. This book is a twisted version of Alice In Wonderland. Although the artwork on the cover is kind of creepy and twisted, you should definitely give this book a try.

The book starts off in Wonderland, where a 7-year-old Alyss Heart (Yup, that’s her name)  is hanging out with her mother, the queen. (Yes, that does make Alyss a princess.) Oh, one more thing that I forgot to mention: the entire kingdom has the power of imagination! What this means is you can basically imagine anything, as long as your imagination is strong enough. Now, since this moment is important to the plot of the story, I have to tell you. But I have to put it lightly, it’s really sad. Here goes!

Alyss’s aunt, who was kicked out of line for the throne because she was very irresponsible and just plain old bad, comes in and kills Alyss’s parents and a bunch of other people. She almost kills Alyss as well, but Alyss escapes into the Pool Of Tears, a portal to another world, where there is no imagination powers. This strange world is called “Earth”.

From one world to another…

Alice spends around the next fifteen years of her life on Earth. And slowly, the loses her imagination powers. She also loses Wonderland. Years spent trying to convince the people she met that Wonderland was real wore her down. No one believed. Not even her adoptive parents, the Lidells. Until she met Charles Dogeson, reverend and friend of the Lidells. He believed. And even better, he was willing to try and write and publish a book about her life in Wonderland. Surely that would help convince someone!

Unfortunatly, Charles Dogeson changed Alyss’s life story into a whimsical book about how a little girl named Alice dreamed about a place named Wonderland. The book was nothing like Alyss’s story. Her name wasn’t even spelled correctly! How would anyone believe her now? It’s up to us…

Read this book, or she will chop off your head!


And she will kill you any old way!


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