Growing Up In Our New World

I love this book. For the record, the book is called The Adventures Of Superhero Girl. It is hilarious, and I can’t stop reading it. You should read it. It is a great book. Seriously. But it also makes me think. What will I be like when I am older? Throughout the book, I see Superhero Girl’s triumphs and failures. And it makes me wonder… wonder who I will become.

So where am I?

No, not here.

No, not here.

About... HERE!

About… HERE!

That’s me. And as I read this book (not COMIC, BOOK. Get it through your head), I’m questioning my future more and more. Where will I end up?


Will I be someone who drags everyone down? Will i be a failure?

Will I be someone who drags everyone down? Will I be a failure?

Will I be out on a date, or left behind, without even a fuzzy, cuddly, cat?

Will I be out on a date, or left behind, without even a fuzzy, cuddly, cat?


Will I be alone, the butt of everyone’s jokes, with everyone laughing at me?

Will i be forced to NARRATE someone's life?!

Will I be forced to NARRATE someone’s life?!

Will I become evil?

Will I become evil?


Will I become a cynical 53 year old with a passionate hatred for hipsters?

Whatever happens, I'll try to remain strong.

Whatever happens, I’ll try to remain strong.

To call home.

To call home.

To do what is right.

To do what is right.

To do what is right for me.

To do what is right for me.

To cheer up my friends when they are down.

To cheer up my friends when they are down.

And to find my own place in the world.

And to find my own place in the world, wherever it may be.


The Secret Tree: Why Is It So Hard To Share A Secret?

It’s true. We all have secrets. Secrets are things that we don’t want to tell other people because we would either be really embarrassed, or we might hurt someone. But the truth is, once someone knows your secret, you feel a heck of a lot better. But we can’t tell anyone, because someone might get hurt or we would be really embarrassed. I call this the Secret Paradox.

The book The Secret Tree is full of the the Secret Paradox. In fact, you could maybe even say it was based on the Secret Paradox.

It all starts when Minty sees a flash in the woods and follows it. She ends up at the secret tree, a tree that is full of slips of paper with people’s secrets on them. They say things like: I put a curse on my enemy. And now it’s working. I’m betraying my best friend in a terrible way. I feel like nobody loves me except my goldfish.

Then Minty meets Raymond, a strange boy who lives in a model home on the outskirts of town. He keeps a big book of people, and he tries to match them to the secrets in the secret tree. And Minty is going to help him.

What will happen when secrets are revealed? Can we trust anyone? Most importantly, who is snooping through peoples’ houses? What a great book.

Palestinians, Israelis, and A Jar Full Of Dirt

You may remember that I blogged about another book boy this author before. And you may be wondering why I am mentioning one of the books again. Because I liked it. I like her books. Also, I want to talk about the Israel problem. I’ll recap that real quick.

So the Israelis lived in Israel for about a thousand years. Then they were forced out by the Romans. (At least, I thinkĀ it was the Romans). So there was this nice little piece of unused land, so the Palestinians move on in. Then comes the Holocaust (If you don’t know what that is then I cannot help you) and all the Jews need a safe place to live. So the Jew are all sent to Israel and they have to share with the Palestinians. Neither side is happy. So they have a way that lasts six days, and the Israelis win big. So the Palestinians have much less land. Both side are angry. There is continuous fighting. No one knows what to do.

And that is where the book takes place. Israel.

Hayaat, the main character has a grandmother who is dying. And Hayatt wants to get her grandmother some dirt from Jerusalem so she can feel her village’s dirt once more. (As in, some jerks rudely stole her her house wound kicked her off her own property.) One problem. She lives on the wrong side of the big bad wall that separates Israelis and Palestinians.

Why do we treat other people like this? How would we feel if this happened to us? Do we somehow feel that since we have suffered, we have the right to make others suffer? So next time you go to do something a little bit mean to someone, ask yourself, why the heck am I doing this? Do I want to make up for something that happened to me earlier today? Is this person a jerk? Remember, kindness kills.

This guy obviously has the right idea.

Today Is National Read Across America Day: Let’s Celebrate!

Today is National Read Across America day, and I think we all know what that means. It is time to read and to celebrate. NRAAD (National Read Across America Day, as I will now refer to it. Much nicer, don’t you think?). Well anyway, NRAAD is usually on Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, March 2nd, but this year it is on the 3rd! So get out there, read a book, and be thankful we don’t have to deal with boring old Dick and Jane.

Finishing Books According To Grover

Everyone who has read a really good book knows this problem. You find a really good book. You love it! You read until about you are 3/4 of the way through, and then you realize something very terrible. The book is going to end. And now you have a problem. You want to see what happens at the end. But you don’t want it to end. So you want to finish it, but you can’t! Then it will end. Grover understands.

This is at the beginning of the book, when you are young and innocent and do not realize the book will ever possibly end.

Then you realize the book will end. The problem begins here.

Then you have a great idea. The book never has to end! All you have to do is stop reading it.

But, of course, you want to finish the book. You can’t help but read some more and come closer to the end.

You want to stop, but you can’t. You have to finish reading. But you have to stop reading.

Now you are fighting with yourself. Half of you wants to finish the book, but the other half doesn’t. This is the stage where people start worring about you.

You go nuts trying to figure out how to solve this terrible conundrum.

Now you start to get really crazy. YOU CAN’T FINISH THE BOOK! So you start coming up with crazy plans, like a reward system.

And you just get crazier and crazier.

Then you finally figure out a gigantic, enourmous plan that is sure to fail, but you don’t care at all.

Then it does fail, you finish the book, and your world comes crashing down around you.

Finally your brain just utterly fails, and you end up crying in a corner because there is no more book to read.

But it is ok. You finished the book, nothing really bad happened, and there are other books to be read. Go find them! This is a good book. You should read it.

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