Palestinians, Israelis, and A Jar Full Of Dirt

You may remember that I blogged about another book boy this author before. And you may be wondering why I am mentioning one of the books again. Because I liked it. I like her books. Also, I want to talk about the Israel problem. I’ll recap that real quick.

So the Israelis lived in Israel for about a thousand years. Then they were forced out by the Romans. (At least, I think it was the Romans). So there was this nice little piece of unused land, so the Palestinians move on in. Then comes the Holocaust (If you don’t know what that is then I cannot help you) and all the Jews need a safe place to live. So the Jew are all sent to Israel and they have to share with the Palestinians. Neither side is happy. So they have a way that lasts six days, and the Israelis win big. So the Palestinians have much less land. Both side are angry. There is continuous fighting. No one knows what to do.

And that is where the book takes place. Israel.

Hayaat, the main character has a grandmother who is dying. And Hayatt wants to get her grandmother some dirt from Jerusalem so she can feel her village’s dirt once more. (As in, some jerks rudely stole her her house wound kicked her off her own property.) One problem. She lives on the wrong side of the big bad wall that separates Israelis and Palestinians.

Why do we treat other people like this? How would we feel if this happened to us? Do we somehow feel that since we have suffered, we have the right to make others suffer? So next time you go to do something a little bit mean to someone, ask yourself, why the heck am I doing this? Do I want to make up for something that happened to me earlier today? Is this person a jerk? Remember, kindness kills.

This guy obviously has the right idea.


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