Futures With Hitler In Charge Are Incredibly Terrifying

I’m not actually afraid of spiders.

Recently, I read a book called The Only Thing To Fear. And I’m telling you, you haven’t been scared until you read it. It’s not the book. The book is great. In fact, it’s so great that I would totally recommend it to anyone.


Sorry. My bad. I totally forgot I was writing a post to put on the internet where everyone can read it. I am so, so sorry. Please, ignore that last bit.

So, this book is about what the future might have been like if Hitler won WWII. Apparently, the Nazis had been working on a secret project in their Torture Chamber “Laboratories”. That secret project was people with superpowers. (I know, it’s like someone took all the awesome ever, poured it into a funnel, and made this book.) The Allies had been trying to create the Atomic bomb, but the Germans succeeded first. So they took their army of mutants and conquered the world.

*Time Skip*

3 generations later, Hitler still rules the entire world. But not Adolf. His Grandson, Dieter Hitler, has inherited the throne. After much experimentation, the Nazis discovered how to give someone superpowers, and still expect them to live to 80. Also, these new super powered people, (aka Anomalies), can pass the superpower gene onto their kids.

Aryans are like the 1%. Except with more. So, the 30%. And everyone else is poor and barely scrapes through life. Did I mention the fact that only the 1% get to have superpowers? Yeah, well, if you aren’t the 1%, and you have superpowers, the 1% kill you! (Also, the Japanese get to be Aryan.)

I feel like that’s a metaphor for something.

Zara, the 16 year old lovechild of a Japanese soldier and a farmgirl, is a dual anomaly. That means she has 2 powers. And one night, she uses her powers to defile the portrait of Hitler in retaliation for the Nazis killing an old friend. And then everything just begins to fall apart. I won’t spoil it for you. (heheheheh) She makes…

But seriously. Just imagine, for a second, what your life would be like if Hitler was in charge. Then go around and kiss everything. Just: “OMG I HAVE IT! I HAVE POSSESIONS! I LOVE ALL YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I WOULD SO MISS YOU GUYS IF YOU WERE NEVER BORN!

Appreciate life, because what if someone went back in time and helped Hitler win. Life as you knew it never would have existed. 


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