Thrilling and Chilling


I’m a fan of murder mysteries, so it was only a slight deviation from my normal book pattern when I picked up Slasher Girls and Monster Boys. And boy was I glad that I did.

So apparently the stories in SGAMB were written by some of the greatest YA horror writers, all together in one place. Normally, I don’t read horror, but I think I might start after reading this book. I was absolutely blown away by the quality and the plotlines of these stories.

Not that they all have much in common. Some end in a way that leave you guessing, in fact, most do, but that’s about all they share. Each and every story was different, but they all were intense and dark, just what I like. They promised me, and I quote “terrifying tales and psychological thrillers”, and they delivered.

I must admit, after I read the first story, The Birds of Azalea Street, I didn’t expect much. I didn’t find it that entertaining; I didn’t even completely understand it. There was a neighborhood pervert suspected by only the teenage girls who were his targets. There were birds, and a girl, and that’s all I really could figure out. I wasn’t left wondering what happened next, I was left wondering what had just happened.

In The Forest Dark and Deep was tantalizing. After I figured out that the patchworked time skips were in fact intentional, I really began to enjoy it. The end was nothing like I had imagined. A word of warning, after reading this story, you’ll never be able to look at Alice in Wonderland, especially the White Rabbit, the same way again.

My two personal favorites were The Dark, Scary Parts and All and Stitches. Let’s just say, the devil has feelings too. And Stitches? Pretty much guaranteed to put you off kiwis, fruit sorbet, and especially gingerbread for life.

If you want to read about WWI France, teen stars gone wrong, closets, Appalachian folk tales, or anything in between, you’ll find it here. And if you love to read dark, disturbing stories about impossible, awful things that happen to people who both do and don’t deserve them, you’ll find them here. Do yourself a favor. Read Slasher Girls and Monster Boys.


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