Growing Up In Our New World

I love this book. For the record, the book is called The Adventures Of Superhero Girl. It is hilarious, and I can’t stop reading it. You should read it. It is a great book. Seriously. But it also makes me think. What will I be like when I am older? Throughout the book, I see Superhero Girl’s triumphs and failures. And it makes me wonder… wonder who I will become.

So where am I?

No, not here.

No, not here.

About... HERE!

About… HERE!

That’s me. And as I read this book (not COMIC, BOOK. Get it through your head), I’m questioning my future more and more. Where will I end up?


Will I be someone who drags everyone down? Will i be a failure?

Will I be someone who drags everyone down? Will I be a failure?

Will I be out on a date, or left behind, without even a fuzzy, cuddly, cat?

Will I be out on a date, or left behind, without even a fuzzy, cuddly, cat?


Will I be alone, the butt of everyone’s jokes, with everyone laughing at me?

Will i be forced to NARRATE someone's life?!

Will I be forced to NARRATE someone’s life?!

Will I become evil?

Will I become evil?


Will I become a cynical 53 year old with a passionate hatred for hipsters?

Whatever happens, I'll try to remain strong.

Whatever happens, I’ll try to remain strong.

To call home.

To call home.

To do what is right.

To do what is right.

To do what is right for me.

To do what is right for me.

To cheer up my friends when they are down.

To cheer up my friends when they are down.

And to find my own place in the world.

And to find my own place in the world, wherever it may be.


A Tangle Of Knots

The title of this book has nothing to do with the book. Really. I gave it my best shot, and I couldn’t figure out why the book was titled like it is. My only thought was that it had something to do with the man who sells knots. Who knows?

Anyway, this book is set in a land quite like Earth, except mostly everyone has a certain Talent. It might be for spitting, it might be for playing jacks. Almost everyone has one. In fact, our protagonist’s character has a talent for baking cakes. (Which I would very much like to have.)

Unfortunately, Cady (the main character) is an orphan, lives in an orphanage which is run by a woman who can find the perfect match for any orphan except for Cady. Until Cady meets Toby, a taciturn man who once was married, but then something happened, and his newborn child disappeared, and his wife died. He’s not sure he’s ready for a child, but he takes Cady anyway.

Now Cady lives in a Lost Luggage Emporium, where there are 35 matching suitcases, and a whole lot of other stuff. But there are still some mysteries in Cady’s life. Who is her mother and father? Will she win the cake-baking contest? Why is that man stealing everyone’s talents? Live your life forever plagued by mystery, or read this book and sate your curiosity!

Author’s Names and Ramblings

If I were you, I wouldn’t read the first two paragraphs. They are dreadfully pointless and boring. Take my advice and don’t read the rest, either.

Did you notice the Author’s Name? (By the way, I feel that certain words should always be capitalized because they are important. I also feel that all of my blog posts should contain at least one set of parentheses, but not too many, or ones that are too long, because then you can kind of get off topic. I do that all the time. Like now.)

But anyway, getting off topic, well, not anymore. Finally! So, the author’s name is N. E. Bode. Which can be pronounced like Anybody. See where I’m going? Pretty cool, right? Only problem is the author doesn’t get any recognition. It also takes a lot of work to find out the author’s true name. But you usually can. Except for Lemony Snicket. That guy is a master of secrecy. (Never mind, I just googled him. The Internet is cruel.)

Getting back to the book. Fern lives with the Drudgers. The Drudgers are boring. Fern is exciting. The Drudgers enjoy boring, banal things that no one in their right mind would enjoy. They collect flyers and cans of clothing starch (is there any other kind?) Fern is the exact opposite. Messy, loud, everything the Drudgers aren’t and wish to rid the world of.

Luckily for both Fern and the Drudgers, a nurse, a man, and a boy soon show up at their doorstep, and they discover that Fern is actually the daughter of the man (called the Bone), and the boy (Howard), is the Drudgers’ son. So the two families  decide to swap children for a month to see if what the Bone says is true. And then things just get crazier and crazier.

The Looking Glass Wars: Alice’s True Story?

I don’ t quite remember how I found this book. But I am sure glad I did. This book is a twisted version of Alice In Wonderland. Although the artwork on the cover is kind of creepy and twisted, you should definitely give this book a try.

The book starts off in Wonderland, where a 7-year-old Alyss Heart (Yup, that’s her name)  is hanging out with her mother, the queen. (Yes, that does make Alyss a princess.) Oh, one more thing that I forgot to mention: the entire kingdom has the power of imagination! What this means is you can basically imagine anything, as long as your imagination is strong enough. Now, since this moment is important to the plot of the story, I have to tell you. But I have to put it lightly, it’s really sad. Here goes!

Alyss’s aunt, who was kicked out of line for the throne because she was very irresponsible and just plain old bad, comes in and kills Alyss’s parents and a bunch of other people. She almost kills Alyss as well, but Alyss escapes into the Pool Of Tears, a portal to another world, where there is no imagination powers. This strange world is called “Earth”.

From one world to another…

Alice spends around the next fifteen years of her life on Earth. And slowly, the loses her imagination powers. She also loses Wonderland. Years spent trying to convince the people she met that Wonderland was real wore her down. No one believed. Not even her adoptive parents, the Lidells. Until she met Charles Dogeson, reverend and friend of the Lidells. He believed. And even better, he was willing to try and write and publish a book about her life in Wonderland. Surely that would help convince someone!

Unfortunatly, Charles Dogeson changed Alyss’s life story into a whimsical book about how a little girl named Alice dreamed about a place named Wonderland. The book was nothing like Alyss’s story. Her name wasn’t even spelled correctly! How would anyone believe her now? It’s up to us…

Read this book, or she will chop off your head!


And she will kill you any old way!

Poison: Enjoy Slowly

I almost didn’t pick up this book. The title and pictures sort of warded me off. But boy, I am glad I did. What a great read! Although this book can be rather confusing, what with the constant switching back and forth at the beginning of the book, you will be glued to your seat. No one will be able to budge you from THE ACTION! THE SUSPENSE! As well as those “Wait. What just happened? She was wood?” (Yes, that happens)

Kyra is a potion master with a problem: she just tried to kill her best friend, the princess of Mohr. Before you go jumping to conclusions, (like the rest of the kingdom), she has a reason. The princess wasn’t acting at all like herself. She refused to see Kyra, (her bosom buddy), and enjoyed things such as embroidery and makeup, (She’s a tomboy). Kyra knows there can only be one logical reason: her best friend is possessed!

Everyone knows the only way to save a possessed person is to kill them! So Kyra concocts a potion to kill her best friend. But, for the first time in her life, Kyra’s dart misses. Now the whole kingdom is after Kyra (she’s even a Halloween costume), and she has to find her best friend and kill her, in order to save the kingdom. But is all what it seems?

An Interview With Psudonymous Bosch

The famed and un-named author Psudonymous Bosch.

Remember when, a while ago, I told you folks about the Secret Series, by Psudonymous Bosch? If not, you might want to go check that post, or those books out, because I got an interview with him. Unfortunately, he didn’t answer all of my questions. Mostly, I received answers to my “borderline insane” questions. Never the less, I am here to grant you the great privilege of reading a Psudonymous Bosch interview.

LibraryLassie: Do you think you will continue writing? If so, what do you think you will produce? If not, what do you think you will be doing?

Psudonymous Bosch: There are other books coming! Another series, in fact. There will be more posted on the website- as soon as we know the information.

LL: What first inspired your love of chocolate? Also, don’t you find it rather frightening that chocolate is a food, which you put into your body by eating, and it can easily be tampered with, say, by adding poison or a sleeping potion, so that the Midnight Sun could kill or capture you easily?

PB: We’ll be extra careful about eating tainted chocolate. Thanks for the heads up.

LL: What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

PB: Advice for aspiring authors- LIE CHEAT AND STEAL!** And there are more tips in WRITE THIS BOOK. Procrastinating is a good one.

LL: Can I join the Terces Society?

PB: As for joining the Terces Society, I believe that subject is broached in WRITE THIS BOOK.

LL: What is your real name?

PB: Mr. Bosch IS his real name! I mean, it’s the name I know him by- and it’s what his mail says. And what is “real” anyway…

*All answers are provided by Mr. Bosch, and thoughtfully transcribed by his rabbit, Quiche.

** To fully understand this, check out the website-

For some other answers, check out these posts on other blogs-

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