Thrilling and Chilling


I’m a fan of murder mysteries, so it was only a slight deviation from my normal book pattern when I picked up Slasher Girls and Monster Boys. And boy was I glad that I did.

So apparently the stories in SGAMB were written by some of the greatest YA horror writers, all together in one place. Normally, I don’t read horror, but I think I might start after reading this book. I was absolutely blown away by the quality and the plotlines of these stories.

Not that they all have much in common. Some end in a way that leave you guessing, in fact, most do, but that’s about all they share. Each and every story was different, but they all were intense and dark, just what I like. They promised me, and I quote “terrifying tales and psychological thrillers”, and they delivered.

I must admit, after I read the first story, The Birds of Azalea Street, I didn’t expect much. I didn’t find it that entertaining; I didn’t even completely understand it. There was a neighborhood pervert suspected by only the teenage girls who were his targets. There were birds, and a girl, and that’s all I really could figure out. I wasn’t left wondering what happened next, I was left wondering what had just happened.

In The Forest Dark and Deep was tantalizing. After I figured out that the patchworked time skips were in fact intentional, I really began to enjoy it. The end was nothing like I had imagined. A word of warning, after reading this story, you’ll never be able to look at Alice in Wonderland, especially the White Rabbit, the same way again.

My two personal favorites were The Dark, Scary Parts and All and Stitches. Let’s just say, the devil has feelings too. And Stitches? Pretty much guaranteed to put you off kiwis, fruit sorbet, and especially gingerbread for life.

If you want to read about WWI France, teen stars gone wrong, closets, Appalachian folk tales, or anything in between, you’ll find it here. And if you love to read dark, disturbing stories about impossible, awful things that happen to people who both do and don’t deserve them, you’ll find them here. Do yourself a favor. Read Slasher Girls and Monster Boys.


Take A Little Inspiration

I’m back! Wow, I missed this!

I’m growing up in the internet generation. More and more people are spending time on their computers and stuff. But o course, I can’t really get mad at them. Or you. After all, where do I write this blog? On the internet. And where do you read it. Same place. And of course, another wonderful thing the internet s that it has brought us Netflix. Of course, you have to pay for it *sigh* but since I am technically still a kid my parents pay for our family account!

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering 1. Why the heck is the she talking about Netflix? 2. What does Netflix have to do with books? 3. During her six-month sabbatical, did she suddenly convert to only watching movies? The answers to those questions are:

1. Because I can. So I will. And did. Ha.

2. Nothing. Nothing at all. Except it does have to do with Mean Girls. And Mean Girls has to do with books. So in a roundabout way, you end up with books. This strategy can be applied to anything. Try and find something that isn’t. I dare you!

3. No. Also no, no, nopers, negative, and nada.

So anyway, as I was saying, Netflix. *STORY TIME*

A few days ago, I was sick, and had to stay home. And I wanted to watch Mean Girls because I had never watched it before, and all my friends said that it was hilarious. (If you don’t know what it is, I am very sorry for you, go google it right now. Or if you hate Google or something, go… bing it? Eww. That just sounds wrong.) So I got it from the library!!!!! One of my favorite places in the whole wide world! I love it so much! Every town should have one!

Anyhoo, it turns out that Mean Girls is based on a book called Queen Bees and Wannabes, so I had to read it. It’s actually sort of scary. But I am lucky, as my friends all are great. *BACK TO REAL LIFE*

So, after that lovely story, I hope we all know the moral! Come on, come on, let me hear you say it. I say “What’s the moral”, you say the moral! Ready? Ok!

What’s the moral?

”                                                        ” I can’t hear you! I said…


”                                                                         ” That’s the spirit!

For those of you who didn’t know the moral, the moral is “Every good movie comes from a book.” Now get back up there, and say it. Go on. I’ll wait.

Welcome back. And just in case you didn’t believe me, here is a list of movies inspired by books.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Basically all of the Disney Princess movies, especially The Frog Princess. Look up the book, it’s great



Forrest Gump

The Boxtrolls

and, of course, Mean Girls.

This is Librarylassie, signing off. And remember…

An Ode To NaNoWriMo

God, it’s so beautiful.

Ah NaNoWriMo, how I love you! Let me count the ways.

1. NaNoWriMo is in November. For the entire month. That’s 1/12 of the year!

2. NaNoWriMo has other months for writing. There is Camp NaNoWriMo, which runs during May and July.

3. You can adjust your word count. Thank god. I could never write 50,000 words in 1 months.

4. Motivation. When I know that someone or something is keeping track of my writing, I work harder so I don’t feel embarrassed, like I didn’t do anything.

5. Pep talks. NaNoWriMo literally sends you a pep talk written by a famous author every week to keep you going.

6. Their logo is a shield. A SHIELD, PEOPLE. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL.

7. You will have no excuse not to do it, because 300,000 other people are. So you can finally start that book.

8. You can finally write down one of those randomly awesome book ideas you get in the shower or something.

9. When you are on your computer writing your novel, and someone asks you what you are doing, you can just say casually “Oh, just writing the next great novel. Did I mention I’m going to do it in a month?”

10. It’s absolutely free. And absolutely awesome.

Unraveling The Mysteries Of Dystopian Fiction

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years, you have probably noticed the growing trend in dystopian novels. It’s pretty hard to ignore. Most of these names will probably be familiar. Some are oldies. Most are recent. Hunger Games. The Giver. Divergent. Matched. Legend. Crewel. The Circle. The Time Machine. The Maze Runner. The list goes on and on. Dystopian fiction really well written, and I myself sometimes pick one up. But a question I often find myself asking is “Why do we choose to portray humankind in such a manner?”

In dystopian novels, humankind as we know it has been totally and utterly disfigured. In most novels there was either a great environmental disaster, a nuclear apocalypse, or a great war between man. The underlying message in many dystopian novels is often “Humankind is flawed, but through great trial, effort, and a few hundred years, we can always fix things. Er, change things for the better. Well, what we and a bunch of other people think is better.”

So, why do we even like it? Dystopian fiction, for the most part, views us, humans as we are now, are fundamentally flawed. Our emotions bring us down. Our government and its leaders suck. We should all only be able to see the color grey. (Which, surprisingly, comes up a lot). It basically insults us, our thoughts, ideas, and dreams. Yet, it is one of the most popular genres. How does this even make sense?

I mean, if you’re going to take the time to imagine a whole future world, could it maybe look more like this?

C’mon, people! Let’s see some rainbow roads!

But nooooooooo, dystopian worlds have to be colorless and everyone can only see grey. No red, green, purple, that kind of stuff. GREY.

At least someone’s getting it straight.

Also, what is up with the use of computer chips? How about a stylish bracelet or ring? Maybe a belt? STOP WHIPING PEOPLE’S MEMORIES. THAT IS SOOOOO OVERDONE. IT NEEDS TO STOP. NOW.

So next time you go out and write a dystopian novel, please take the time to think about what I said. Dystopia, you are in for a major change.

Growing Up In Our New World

I love this book. For the record, the book is called The Adventures Of Superhero Girl. It is hilarious, and I can’t stop reading it. You should read it. It is a great book. Seriously. But it also makes me think. What will I be like when I am older? Throughout the book, I see Superhero Girl’s triumphs and failures. And it makes me wonder… wonder who I will become.

So where am I?

No, not here.

No, not here.

About... HERE!

About… HERE!

That’s me. And as I read this book (not COMIC, BOOK. Get it through your head), I’m questioning my future more and more. Where will I end up?


Will I be someone who drags everyone down? Will i be a failure?

Will I be someone who drags everyone down? Will I be a failure?

Will I be out on a date, or left behind, without even a fuzzy, cuddly, cat?

Will I be out on a date, or left behind, without even a fuzzy, cuddly, cat?


Will I be alone, the butt of everyone’s jokes, with everyone laughing at me?

Will i be forced to NARRATE someone's life?!

Will I be forced to NARRATE someone’s life?!

Will I become evil?

Will I become evil?


Will I become a cynical 53 year old with a passionate hatred for hipsters?

Whatever happens, I'll try to remain strong.

Whatever happens, I’ll try to remain strong.

To call home.

To call home.

To do what is right.

To do what is right.

To do what is right for me.

To do what is right for me.

To cheer up my friends when they are down.

To cheer up my friends when they are down.

And to find my own place in the world.

And to find my own place in the world, wherever it may be.

The Secret Tree: Why Is It So Hard To Share A Secret?

It’s true. We all have secrets. Secrets are things that we don’t want to tell other people because we would either be really embarrassed, or we might hurt someone. But the truth is, once someone knows your secret, you feel a heck of a lot better. But we can’t tell anyone, because someone might get hurt or we would be really embarrassed. I call this the Secret Paradox.

The book The Secret Tree is full of the the Secret Paradox. In fact, you could maybe even say it was based on the Secret Paradox.

It all starts when Minty sees a flash in the woods and follows it. She ends up at the secret tree, a tree that is full of slips of paper with people’s secrets on them. They say things like: I put a curse on my enemy. And now it’s working. I’m betraying my best friend in a terrible way. I feel like nobody loves me except my goldfish.

Then Minty meets Raymond, a strange boy who lives in a model home on the outskirts of town. He keeps a big book of people, and he tries to match them to the secrets in the secret tree. And Minty is going to help him.

What will happen when secrets are revealed? Can we trust anyone? Most importantly, who is snooping through peoples’ houses? What a great book.

Today Is National Read Across America Day: Let’s Celebrate!

Today is National Read Across America day, and I think we all know what that means. It is time to read and to celebrate. NRAAD (National Read Across America Day, as I will now refer to it. Much nicer, don’t you think?). Well anyway, NRAAD is usually on Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, March 2nd, but this year it is on the 3rd! So get out there, read a book, and be thankful we don’t have to deal with boring old Dick and Jane.

Finding A Good Book Is Hard: Once You Find It, It’s Gone

Sadly, sometimes people write books that are so bad this never happened because of their book.

It is hard to find a good book. I think we all know that. Books that your friends like may not be the same kind you like. Tht book your coworker raved about might be really bad. Worst of all, you might really want to get a book, but there are no copies left in your local bookstore or library. I admit. Some books I read, I hate. Usually I pretend I like it until about halfway through, when I stop and say: “Wow. This is a really crappy book.” But of course, whenever you start reading a book, the Novel Laws* state that you must finish it. You can’t help it.

I just read a book called GONE. That was the original reason for the post. But then I started thinking. And this is the result. So go read GONE. Then come back and finish reading this. I’ll wait. It’s cool. Well, you obviously didn’t read it. It took me a while to read it. And here you are still. I’ll look past it, but just this once. Consider yourself warned.

All book should be like this one. I want a book to hug me now.

Think back to the last time you read a really good book. Was it really, really good. What was it about? What genre? I want to read all the books I can get. But anyway, while you are thinking about that really good book, try and remember when you read it. Unless there is a surplus of really good books where you live, it was probably a while ago. See where I am going? It is hard to find a good book. So if you find one, let me know.

*The Novel Laws are an ancient set of rules created by the first authors about reading and writing books. These laws control a lot of stuff that happens in the world. Kind of like the law of gravity.

The Name Of This Post Is Secret

Pseudonymous Bosch is a strange man. No one knows who he is. But he writes really good books. With really strange titles.

The Name Of This Book Is Secret

Meet 2 characters. They are fundamentally important to this 5 book series.

Cass- Pointy ears, Doesn’t know who her father is, obsessed with preparing for natural disasters, illness, and other potentially destructive things.

Max- Ernest- has 2 everything. 2 names. 2 parents. One awkwardly split house.

Max- Ernest is at school. He wants to be a comedic magician, and so he is testing out all his lame jokes on his classmates. He tests one out on Cass, and their strange friendship begins. There is a Secret. That’s Secret capeatelized. And most of all, there is a strange organization called The Midnight Sun. And they are hiding something. Yes oh yes, they certainly are. We all have to watch out. They want to know the Secret. And they all wear white gloves. Be careful when reading these books. You might be kidnapped. And always have lots of chocolate at hand. Chocolate is important. The darker the better. Try some. And don’t even think about reading this book. Even Pseudonymous Bosch warns readers off. Trust me. You’ll be safer this way.

Please take my book survey:

The Secret Series In One Drawing

Are you one of the NERDS? Then Why Are You Here? You Already Know This Stuff

Disclaimer: LibraryLassie is not responsible for any humiliation or injury that occurs while reading these books. Refrain from reading these books if you do not want to: Wrestle a Bear, wipe your earwax on a book, attack a rabid bearer, ect, ect. LibraryLassie has nothing to do with your choices. Thank You.

Nerds. They are everywhere. You love to give them wedgies and purple murples. But the reason you are not slaving away in an underground fortress is the nerds. Nerds are saving the world every day. Well, a certain group of nerds. And you don’t even know who they are. As Heathcliff says, “The world may give us wedgies and purple murples, but when it comes to saving thee world, people turn to the nerds.”

Yes, they are out there. And you can read all about their crazy adventures. The names aren’t real, of course. You aren’t even supposed to know they exist. Soon, you won’t even remember…

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